About us

We are a company founded in Barcelona with over 20 years’ experience offering bespoke solutions in the field of decorative and creative water features and civil engineering works. Our projects range from ornamental fountains, interactive fountains and large lakes to spectacular water, light and music shows designed as bespoke for every client.

Operating both nationally and internationally, we have worked all over the world, including Spain, France, Malaysia, the USA, Portugal, the Middle East and South America.

Our projects adapt to each client’s specific needs, for which we provide a great technical team and global service. Focused at all times on offering a bespoke and creative result, we are involved in every stage, from the conceptualisation and design of the project to the prototype, construction, installation and subsequent maintenance.

Every project is unique, but thanks to the experience we have gained in each one, we have been able to specialise in three business lines.